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PowerBOM integrates per drawing bill of materials with item codes and consolidates and segregates over several document and document groups for ERP, procurement and manufacturing. Further it allows definition of standard drawings, which allows reuse of standard parts and assemblies.

Salient features

  1. Data stored in Microsoft SQL Server database

  2. Comprehensive viewing, navigation and printing engine for data

  3. Standard Data

o Define Item Coding System and Item Codes

o Define Material Information for BOM

o Define Standard Drawing Documents

  1. Work orders

o Define and Manage Work Orders

o Define Work Order Document Groups and Documents

  1. Define Bill of Materials

o Drawing Item related to Item Code

o Drawing Item Collections

o Drawing Item reference to Standard / File Drawing Item

o Drawing Item Hardware

  1. Parametric Standard Drawings

o Define parameters in standard drawings

o Related parameters to drawing item dimensions

o Write Formulas for calculated parameters

o Define Parameter Values in the caller drawing item

o Extensive formula language to define parameters

o PowerBOM will automatically calculate weight and item codes in the work order context

  1. Drawing Item Chaining

o Through Collections and References, Drawing Items can be chained to any level

o Enables High component reuse

o PowerBOM will loop through all chains and compute total material requirement and weights

  1. Outputs

o Shop Ready Drawing Bill of Material

o List of standard Drawings referred and material weights

o Consolidated Material Requirement

o Quality Check lists

o List of Hardware and Gaskets

  1. Nesting Interface

o Thickness and Material Wise Part Segregation

o Facility to upload DXF for each part

o Interfaces with Nesting software for automatic nesting