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How it Works

PowerBOM integrates drawing bill of material with Inventory Item Codes.

Usual Scenario in an engineering office is as follows:

Engineering Office creates bill of materials for each drawing of a work order

This bill of material can sometimes refer a standard drawing

Information is scattered across various documents

Material reports are required in various formats for use by various departments like manufacturing, procurement, CNC etc.

Manual work is required to generate such reports which leads to

  1. Repetition of work

  2. Chances of Error

  3. Confusion in manufacturing / procurement in case of improper reports

  4. Increased Cost and Time

PowerBOM offers a powerful alternative which is designed to integrate per-Drawing bill of materials with item codes.

PowerBOM allows definition of item codes and standard drawings as master data. This enables easy preparation of drawing bill of material and enables following features:

  1. Consolidation over several documents and document groups for ERP and procurement

  2. Segregation for different materials and production floor

  3. Interface with nesting software for automatic nesting

  4. Efficient use of standard drawing