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Item Schedule

Item schedule is the topmost level in the item coding system. Generally, it is kept of two digits. Here parameters can be defined whose values will be filled in the subcategory level.

If you define a value list for the corresponding parameter, user will be able to choose only from the specified list. Otherwise it will be freely editable text field.

Hardware Schedule

The parameters in the item schedule screen are used extensively by the special hardware functionality of PowerBOM.

Following parameters are defined in the hardware schedule.

Each subcategory in the hardware schedule is assigned one value for each of the above parameter. During hardware selection, user is asked to select values for above parameter and only those items are presented which satisfy the values selected.

This helps in easy filtering and selection of required hardware item.

You can add/edit/delete from any of the lists in any of the parameters to customize hardware selection box.

Out of the box, following is the list define in PowerBOM

Thread Type Parameter

Material Parameter

Hardware Type

Hardware type has a special meaning. Values 1-11 are main elements (screws/studs/bolts), 11-20 are nut elements, 21-30 are washer elements, 31-40 are locking elements and 41-50 are taper washer elements. Since hardware is usually used in a set (eg. screw/nut/plain washer/ spring washer), hardware selection box is designed to automatically present a set of hardware from each of the above elements thereby allowing you to easily choose the set.

Hardware Class